Full with the spirit of adventure, a group of NCC Naval Wing cadets 42, which include 14 girls, set out on the sailing expedition on a 410-km in the Godavari at Bhadrachalam.

The group went to the water to explore the splendor of nature and gain first-hand experience of traveling on water and navigating the river Godavari by boats. The group was sent to the water under the supervision of two Indian Navy regular officers.

The sailing expedition on Godavari River would conclude in the neighboring state Andhra Pradesh at Samalkot on 15th of September.

Excitement was filled in the air on the beautiful banks of the Godavari River as the sailing excursion got off and started the enthusiastic journey. Scores of onlookers with lots of curiosity were present at the bank converging the entire area to get the glimpse of this event.

There 75-member who have gone in the water and 72 members are comprised of 42 NCC cadets, 2 Indian Army officer and other personnel, which include the support staff from the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, NCC Directorate.

The expedition of these NCC cadets was flagged off by P. Maheshwar the Air Commodore, Deputy Director General, NCC, Directorate, A.P. and Telangana. Bhadrachalam ASP Sunil Dutt, Commanding Officer of NCC of 8 Andhra Naval Unit, Vijayawada, S.P. Kaza, and the in-charge of the sailing expedition.

Aim of expedition

The objective the expedition is to provide an opportunity to NCC cadets to experience sailing adventure and train them in various aspects of navigation. During their voyage, the cadets would be exposed to local historical places. The route of the voyage will cover the distance of 410 km from Bhadrachalam to Samalkot. Various other types of training and knowledge will be shared with the crew member during their voyage.