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Competition Toughens As The Races Across The Atlantic Draws Near An End

There seems to be a new development in the battle between multihulls during the RORC Transatlantic race as both the strong opponents, Peter Cunningham’s MOD70 PowerPlay and both Giovanni Soldini’s Multi 70have seemed to be moving south in order to escape the high-pressure area to avoid the anticipated 20 knots of wind. While Maserati chose a particular angle to the breeze, PowerPlay was towards the downwards direction, also the result of their different choices will be played out today as both prepare for the downward ride to arrive.

Loro’s ship had a busy night on board and is estimated for the great winds in the day and let down its downwind sails.A tough competition has taken place between HenrikBergesen’s Hydra and Catherine Pourre’sEärendil according to the news from Class40 Division. Eärendilhad surpassed the Hydra. All of them have been matched racing as they have stayed close to Eärendil. Both teams seem to enjoy the race with Eärendil trying to stay ahead.

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Class AC75 Boat Of America’s Cup Concept Out

Today an exciting, fresh era in racing of America’s Cup has been unveiled today. The concept for the AC75, this is the class of boat that will be sailed in the 36th America’s Cup is now released illustrating a modern vision and bold for high performance fully foiling mono-hull racing yachts.

The Team New Zealand Emirates and design teams Luna Rossa have spent the last four months assessing the concepts of a wide range of mono-hull. The objective of both has been designing a class that will be demanding and challenging to sail, and providing the top level of skill to the crews; this new concept could become the racing future and even cruising mono-hulls beyond the America’s Cup.

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Hall Of Fame Sailing Nominations

Nominations are accepted online this year the nominations received midnight on March 30, 2018 will be this year’s inductees and the nominations received after 30 march will be considered for next year class.

Nominating categories include different types like SAILING those who have made achievements on the water as Sailboat Racer or Offshore Sailor and TECHNICAL category include those whose contributed technically in aspects of sailing. Examples are Designers, Boat Builders, Sail-makers, etc. CONTRIBUTORS are those who have made contribution on American sailing experience like Teachers, Coachers, Media includes TV, films etc. And you have to nominate anyone from the past or present of American Sailing who have made a contribution in American Sailing.

Nominated candidate must be a U.S. citizen or someone from international birth, but contributed in Sailing can be nominated. The nominee has a power to convince that why it wants to enter the hall of fame. Also, it has some accomplishments and contribution experience in the world of Sailing. All the information about this experience should be very clear to candidates and in a concise argument. The final document prepared should be about two pages only.

Remember, it’s a nomination not a vote so one nomination at a time is considered by the Nominating Committee and if you submit duplicate nominations and engage others in Campaign it will be burdened for our volunteers as it takes time to consider.

If the cut is clear by the nominee, then he or she can be placed in the following ranks like Class of 2017, 2016 etc. in the National Sailing Hall of Fame.

Selection Committee has selected a combination of publicly-submitted nominations and carry-over nominations from last year, which is comprised of NSHOF, U.S. Sailing, community sailing. Induction Ceremony was conducted at Lauderdale Yacht Club, Florida held on November 10-11 Class of 2018.

Inaugural Round the Rocks Race to be in March

The very first Round the Rocks Race will offer a warm-up in advance of St. Thomas International Regatta 2016, to be held 25th to 27th March, in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. This is a 1 day independent event of St. Thomas International Regatta that features its very own point-to-point course across the St. John Island, break up scoring as well as special prize-giving.

Chuck Pessler, the director of the regatta, told that the sailors told that they want more racing and they were known for their pro race management. Put the two together it makes the great scope to offer a new one1day race. Those who do not want to or could not race are not penalized since scores in the Round the Rocks race does not count toward the St. Thomas International Regatta. This is only another way to sail in their lovely Unites States Virgin Islands waters and have yet another way to win.

As of now, entries include a trio of Gunboat 60s. These are Robert Alexanders Fault Tolerant, Stephen Cucchiaros Flow and Phil Lotzs Arethusa.

Round the Rocks Race course is a travel of the nineteen-square mile island of St. John. This is a path that provides a huge range of voyaging challenges against the lovely backdrop of an island which is two-thirds pure national park. Crews will require having on their toes with frequent tacks by offshore cays, cross currents as well as winding shifts across the east end and ski race -like atmospheric condition in the downwind.