There seems to be a new development in the battle between multihulls during the RORC Transatlantic race as both the strong opponents, Peter Cunningham’s MOD70 PowerPlay and both Giovanni Soldini’s Multi 70have seemed to be moving south in order to escape the high-pressure area to avoid the anticipated 20 knots of wind. While Maserati chose a particular angle to the breeze, PowerPlay was towards the downwards direction, also the result of their different choices will be played out today as both prepare for the downward ride to arrive.

Loro’s ship had a busy night on board and is estimated for the great winds in the day and let down its downwind sails.A tough competition has taken place between HenrikBergesen’s Hydra and Catherine Pourre’sEärendil according to the news from Class40 Division. Eärendilhad surpassed the Hydra. All of them have been matched racing as they have stayed close to Eärendil. Both teams seem to enjoy the race with Eärendil trying to stay ahead.

Early in the morning, it was confirmed that Eärendil has gained an upper hand of three miles followed by Stephane Bry’s Sirius team with 27 miles after them. Considering the fleet of the IRC, Franco Niggeler’s boat was 53 miles behind My Song. With the racing speed of over 8 knots, El Hierro was just passed by it.

British ‘Sheep’, the smallest boat in the race by Trevor Middleton stayed in the good position throughout the event day. The high-pressure ridge on the day has helped it move downwards. It will be amazing to see the final results that will come out once the race officially ends. It has been an exciting mixture of the weather including the skill set by the different varieties of sailors.