Emma Wilson has been a winner in the windsurfer category at the recent youth sailing world championship event that was concluded in Auckland, New Zealand.

Emma Wilson is seventeen years of age, represented Christchurch in the RS: X category. Indeed, she even won in her category a day before the five day event was concluded. She is no novice in wind surfing as she won silver in the prior year at the same event. Indeed, the Youth Sailing World Championships is a regular yearly event that sees sailors of the age of nineteen and below competing from different countries of the world.

This event is a hallowed one as several Olympic level sailors have emerged after competing at this event. Instances are Giles Scott, Sarah Ayton, Ben Ainslie and others. Hence, Emma Wilson was understandably excited with the kind of win she gained. Now her name would be included among other champions at the Youth Worlds event in the British category.

Wilson was representing Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. In the championship event that was held in Cyprus, she finished in the fifth position. She admits that her victory in that event spurred her to move ahead and put in better efforts in the recent event. She states that she was determined to do better at this event and not lose out as she did at the Cyprus event. She crossed the final line on Monday and concluded the 13 race series that was part of the RS:X category. She showcased consistent performance throughout the event. As a result, the win that she gained a day prior to the final day was befitting. She showcased an authority throughout the race days that was admirable. Her fans are also excited with her win and look forward to seeing her excel in future events.