In Women’s Sailing Award, a trailblazer Linda Lindquist-Bishop was awarded the BoatUS/National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) 2017 Leadership.

The award was given to the boat in an event NWSA Women’s Sailing Conference, which took place in Marblehead at Massachusetts.

The award was presented by the president of NWSA Linda Newland. The award recognizes an individual with some achievement in educating, enriching and inspiring the lives of women in every field through sailing. The award is named as BoatUS, because it has a strong partnership with NWSA, which is a program of the Women’s Sailing Foundation (WSF). This organization works with complete devotion for enhancing the women’s and girl’s lives through education and access to the sport of sailing.

“Linda has made a noticeable and positive impact on improving and enhancing the confidence of young women with the help of international sailing competitions,” said Newland. “She is a role model for many for a number of reasons. We are really pleased to give this award to her and recognize her commitment towards sailing.”

Lindquist-Bishop also expressed her delight after receiving the award and said, “I have to add more women leaders and to add more, we must equip and inspire, and at the same time we also have to change the perception about what a woman can achieve.”  Bishop is a mentor for a number of depressed young women leaders and is continuously working for them.

She further added that “This award is precious to me as I have got it for the work that I want to do the bottom my heart. I would be happy, if women take some inspirations from me and do something good with their lives and achieve something. I want to pass this message to every single woman who knows me.”