Nominations are accepted online this year the nominations received midnight on March 30, 2018 will be this year’s inductees and the nominations received after 30 march will be considered for next year class.

Nominating categories include different types like SAILING those who have made achievements on the water as Sailboat Racer or Offshore Sailor and TECHNICAL category include those whose contributed technically in aspects of sailing. Examples are Designers, Boat Builders, Sail-makers, etc. CONTRIBUTORS are those who have made contribution on American sailing experience like Teachers, Coachers, Media includes TV, films etc. And you have to nominate anyone from the past or present of American Sailing who have made a contribution in American Sailing.

Nominated candidate must be a U.S. citizen or someone from international birth, but contributed in Sailing can be nominated. The nominee has a power to convince that why it wants to enter the hall of fame. Also, it has some accomplishments and contribution experience in the world of Sailing. All the information about this experience should be very clear to candidates and in a concise argument. The final document prepared should be about two pages only.

Remember, it’s a nomination not a vote so one nomination at a time is considered by the Nominating Committee and if you submit duplicate nominations and engage others in Campaign it will be burdened for our volunteers as it takes time to consider.

If the cut is clear by the nominee, then he or she can be placed in the following ranks like Class of 2017, 2016 etc. in the National Sailing Hall of Fame.

Selection Committee has selected a combination of publicly-submitted nominations and carry-over nominations from last year, which is comprised of NSHOF, U.S. Sailing, community sailing. Induction Ceremony was conducted at Lauderdale Yacht Club, Florida held on November 10-11 Class of 2018.