The course for the Scrub Island Invitation begins off Nanny Cay in 12 to 15 knots from the south that had been steady all throughout the day. The Racing Division was won by Tony Mack along with McFly, his team on their J/122 El Ocaso. They defeated Liquid, the sister-ship only by 48 seconds.

It is hard to get, much harder to leave, and almost impossible to forget it. This might be cliché but this is something that Tony Mack and Sally, his wife would like to keep in mind when they reminiscence about BVI and after 42 of the strongest cruise races the course up to Scrub Island. This is a private resort in BVI about 13 kilometers toward northeastern of Tortola.

Mack stated that it had been pretty close. They had a good start and were able to shift till Dead Man’s Chest. Also, they had a good position to down winder in order to finish. According to Mack, Liquid had a good idea about what they were doing. Thus, they were made to work really hard in order to leave them behind.

Mack loves BVI and had been cruising for a week on Mooring, the charter boat before Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival. Mack is a regular participant of the event and brings his crew of J/111 out from England. In order to race, he prefers J/122 and comments that it is better to go downwind when you have a performance boat.

TP52, the conviction which had been chartered by Kuli Kulinichenko was the one to finish in the first place before 1:56:13. They had an excellent race against E1 which is the Volvo 70. Tortola’s Mark Plaxton and the tactician Conviction said that they are looking for line honor in festive race course to Scrub Island with the objective to defeat E1.