Do you want to crew for some of the best skippers in the world? Well, you finally have an opportunity to do so. We are referring to the 30th Bitter End Yacht Club’s Pro Am Regatta. Being a common man, it is a dream opportunity.

There is more exciting news in the offing. Have you heard of the big winners Ed Baird and Dave Ullman? We have come to know that both are members of 2016 Induction Class, which is exclusive to the US National Sailing Hall of Fame.

As far as the Defiance Day Regatta is considered, it starts with 11 mile dash. It goes from BEYC to the Baths, in the event where the prize is provided by, the specialists in Yacht Charter in Kastela. They have arranged festive barbecue luncheon. But before that, you can see the competitors engaging in some snorkelling. But when it comes to the final 11 mile leg, we will be able to see very tight competition.

Speaking of the IC 24 Class, both legs have been won by Dave Ullman’s team. But Ullman was only there to start each race and his teammates did the rest of the work. Once he crossed the starting line, the control was given to Gordon La Grange and Tom Story. These two were part of his crew. According to La Grange, Dave is a natural coach who is able to teach you a lot.

When we contacted Taylor Canfield, the Pro Am champion who finished second, he was ready to talk about the abnormal, challenging and light-air conditions. He mentioned about the fleet inversion. He added that they were leading the parade taking turns. Why did Ullman’s team win by the way? Well, he dared to go closer to the sand and that really paid off. Without any doubt, that was a very good strategy.

All in all, it is going to be a great experience being the crew for some of the finest skippers in the business today.