With several sailing and yachting events being held during summer, the Topper World Championships is another that is organized by Ballyholme Yacht Club.

The club has been putting together finishing touches as the championships come up later in the week. With the international races starting off on Saturday, there would be ten countries and more participating across four continents and the championship event would be taking place at Belfast Lough.

There are two World series that are part of the Topper Worlds. The first of the championship races would comprise of competitors who would be using sails of 5.3 meters of squared design. This category has about 150 entrants. The members of the club, mainly young participants, are waiting for the tournaments to start.

The second championship races would comprise of 50 boats that would have smaller sails of 4.2 meters. There would be about 199 entrants who would be coming over from different parts of the world, countries like Australia, Thailand, China as well as NI, and even some who usually charter in Scotland. The three biggest teams are from Ireland, Great Britain and China who would be represented by 84, 68 and 32 sailors respectively. Gb in particular are being backed by celebrity fan